Vertex SSX (Super Switch Exchange) is a superior, carrier-neutral collocation facility and Voice / Data wholesale communications service that provides the premier telecommunications gateway between the United States and Asia.

A subsidiary of Vertex Holding, LLC, Vertex SSX not only serves major U.S. and Asian telco but also serves as the mission-critical backbone to its sibling companies under the Vertex umbrella. Since 1996, SSX has been providing infrastructure and network support, transporting up to one billion minutes of voice, data, and video each month for its affiliates alone. When fully interconnected with all other major regional and international carriers, SSX is equipped to dispatching over several billion minutes per month through its state-of-the-art NOC (Network Operation Center).

SSX not only provide the facility and resources that connects carriers across the Pacific, our multilingual technicians and supports will also facilitate a 24x7x365 smooth exchange and communication between our clients. Awarded with ISO-9000 2001 certification, our commitment to quality is assured.