Think of Vertex SSX as your strategic turnkey partner in extending your market reach in the U.S. and Asia. The array of products and services we offer can be integrated seamlessly in delivering Client margin optimization.

  Carrier-Neutral Collocation
  By collocating at Vertex SSX, Telecom carriers on either side of the Pacific can instantly and inexpensively create a point-of-presence overseas and connect to hundreds of other carriers by simply locating a switch on the Exchange.
  Engineering Outsourcing
  Vertex SSX skilled technicians will expertly maintain and safeguard all client switch, providing all security and backup measures as well as 24/7 on-site and field technical support.
  Voice / Data Wholesale
  With utmost economy, Carriers on the SSX will also be able to leverage Vertex’s transaction volume to buy, sell, and trade bandwidth and minutes. With ease, SSX clients will extend market reach while using Vertex’s unprecedented value-added applications.
  The NOC (Network Operation Center)
  Located in the center of Los Angeles telecom cradle, virtually few steps from One Wilshire building, Vertex SSX NOC is the next-generation network management facility.