Remote network management and monitoring are part of the shared infrastructure and margin optimization solution provided by Vertex SSX. Our team of certified and multilingual technicians is available to assist our collocation clients, 24x7x365 on site at the NOC, as well as non-collo clients off the Vertex premises such as the One Wilshire Building.

We can be your remote eyes and hands to assist with system reboots, provisioning needs, log onto your system to make route changes, etc. making sure that you maintain clear visibility and unyielding control. We aim to deliver peace of mind to our clients, with high reliability and high performance.

Our Engineering Outsourcing Solution is geared to perform tasks at various scales and depths, from ad hoc projects to long-term solutions. Some of the scope of services can be described as follows:

  Project Management
  • Requirement analysis and consultation
  • Developing budgets
  • Milestones, and deliverables tracking
  • Managing RFPs for equipment selection
  • Prototyping and lab testing solutions
  • Defining workflow and systems process
  • End-to-end coordination
  Network and Managed Services
  • Network and circuit provisioning any of the voice, video, data, or IP network services
  • Circuits ordering, procuring, staging, labeling, testing, and deployment
  • Proactive alarm notification
  • Trouble ticket escalation and resolution
  • Fault isolation/Troubleshooting
  • Network and equipment surveillance, protection and maintenance
  • Constant monitoring for latency, throughput, resource utilization and other performance criteria
  • Routing optimization and switch management
  • Customer is notified with status reporting and resolution tracking
  NOTE: Services are quoted by standard hourly rate.